Branded Doc


Hard work and Passion, victories and losses, man and nature. We encounter all of this in our brief time with goodfish.

How did this get started? We hear a voice tell the story of where they are from and why they love the sea.
We see images of the dock at the early time at dawn. Now its someone welding a boat, someone cleaning.
Fast forward and the story seamlessly spans months, showing all the phases and what it takes to get a catch. The team, the maintenance and finally embarking out to sea.

The documentary will have a raw yet subtle beauty to it through its use of camera and commentary. Less polished commercial and more transparent and interesting portrait of labour and passion.

Edit & Sound

Still and serene shots of the crew preparing are going to be contrasted with handheld dynamic action of the boat at sea.

The labour in and around the boat shows Goodfish crew as a team and the boat as a complex system.

The personal voice over talks about the conditions of the environment through the eyes of the fisherman.

The atmosphere is also supported with a moody ambient soundtack.Dreamy and at times mysterious and moody.


The commentary will follow a character introducing themselves and how they got into the fishing practice and contrast it with expectations/reality of the BC industry as a whole.

You are a young community and making a change for a better future.

Environmental issues are easily noticed when you work directly of the land and the sea. The audience needs to know how this practice impacts you and the final product.
Fish out of the ocean is different than farmed fish. That difference is everything to us.

Final Words

Ever since I set foot aboard to scout for my film. I felt a special energy and work ethic it takes to stay afloat.

I hope to capture some of that energy on film and tell the story of GOODFISH.

With the backdrop of our wonderful landscape and ocean I will show your work through a sincere lens.

I’m glad we’ve come together to make this project happen.